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Galician Broccoli Raab

Protected Geographical Indication Grelos de Galicia (Galician Brócoli Raab) covers the vegetative part for human consumption from turnips (Brassica rapa. L. var. Rapa), corresponding to the Santiago and Lugo ecotypes varieties as well as commercial varieties known as Grelos White Balloon Santiago and Lugo.

These products are marketed fresh (bundles of 0.5 or 1 kg, tied half), frozen or canned, processed unseasoned. If they undergo different transformation processes, they may report that are made with Grelos protected by the IGP Galician products.

Turnip greens, Broccoli Raab [rob] or Rapini [rah-PEE-nee]  

after being cooked, they have the following organoleptic characteristics: bright green, slightly acidic taste, combined with a certain bitterness, slightly fibrous texture and low hardness, due to low dietary fibre content.

The production area covered by the PGI grelos reaches all the municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. Handling, processing and packaging must take place in delimited production area.

Technical data (2014)
  • Registered area: 118 hectares
  • Production: 243
  • Packers: 10
  • Processing Industries: 4
  • Marketed production: 151 tonnes
  • Estimated economic value: 302,000 euros