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Herbal Liquor from Galicia

Geographical Designation Herb Liquor from Galicia protects this traditional spirits obtained from pomace covered by the geographical designation Orujo from Galicia and ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, by maceration and distillation of alcohol along with herbs that characterize it.

Both the preparation and bottling of herbal liquors should be made within the territory of Galicia.


The Galician herbal liquor must have a minimum sugar content of 100 g / l and its alcohol content ranges between 15 and 40% vol. In the mixture of alcohols, the minimum content of pomace brandy under the geographic designation Orujo from Galicia will be 50% of all its alcohol content.

Technical data (2014)
  • Production: 102,195 litres
  • Economic value: 1.12 million euros