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The vineyards of Monterrei Protected Designation of Origin spreads along the region of Monterrei, in the eastern part of the province of Ourense, comprising an extension of 467 hectares. It has one of the driest climates in Galicia, making it easy to obtain healthy crops with minimal treatment. 

The unique combination of soil and a characteristic climate creates pale yellow or straw yellow shimmering white wines, with powerful aroma on the nose with fresh aromas and ripe fruit. In the mouth, fresh, fruity and with a certain touch of acidity that balances and compensates the alcoholic strength (12-12,5º) and a slightly bitter finish.

Red wines have an intense purple color with violet or cherry tones, projecting its powerful aroma with notes of red berries and fruits of the forest (raspberry and strawberry). In the mouth acidity and alcohol (12.5 °), harmonious and perfectly matched, are appreciated; they are fresh and with ripe red fruit flavor.

The grape varieties

The preferred white grapes are Dona Branca, Godello and Treixadura. But Palomino, Caíño, Loureiro and Albariño varieties are also authorized.

The preferred red grapes are Mencía and Bastardo. Tempranillo (Arauxa) Merenzao, Caíño and Sousón are also among those authorized.

Technical data (2015)
  • Registered area: 533 registered hectares
  • Winegrowers: 446
  • Wineries: 25
  • Annual production: 4,730 tons
  • Qualified wine: 2,387,565 litres
  • Estimated amount: 11.3 million euros