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Pepper from Mougán

Pemento de Mougán (Pepper from Mougán) Protected Geographical Indication covers  peppers from Capsicum Annuum L species of the so called local ecotype. It has a semi-cartilaginous  fruit which is green when green and red when ripe. It is square and is harvested green in early unripe state for marketing it fresh.

The Mougán Pepper has a square longitudinal sections and a slightly ridged longitudinal cross sections, with an apical end labelled with three or four edges. It  weighs between 6 and 15 grams per unit, and is between 3 and 6.5 cm long. It has shiny dark green skin and thin and juicy flesh, with a sweet taste, slightly herbaceous and sometimes hot, with an aroma of moderate intensity.

Geographical scope

Mougán Pepper’s production area covers the entire municipality of Guntín in Lugo. This area is a territory with homogeneous characteristics in terms of climate and edaphology  which characterizes the product.