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Galician Lacon (Pork Shoulder)

Protected Geographical Designation Galician Lacon (pork shoulder) protects the pigs’ forelimbs once they have been cured.

Protectable hams are those coming from pigs of Celtic, Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds, and from their crossbreeds. Crossbreeds with white Belga and Pietrain are also accepted, provided that they are present in less than 25%.

Slaughter pigs must be at least six months old and weight 90 kilos alive. After slaughtering, quartering will take place according to tradition and to the rule of round cutting. Its processing has several phases: salting, washing, settling and drying or curing, with a minimum duration of 30 days. Smoking the lacon (Pork shoulder) is not allowed.

Pieces of Lacon Gallego (Galician pork shoulder) weight between 3 and 5.5 kilos and they are produced and processed, all over Galicia.  Additionally they must have the following characteristics:

  • The whole shoulder will be kept in one whole piece, preserving its skin and trotters and removing its hooves.
  • The outer shape will look rounded, profiled at the edges until the muscle appears.
  • The texture should be firm to the touch, always depending on the degree of curing.
  • Fat looks oily, whitish or slightly yellow, bright, aromatic and will a pleasant taste.
  • The flesh is pink to reddish, with average resistance to cutting, with partially infiltrated fat inside.
  • The flavour is gentle, pleasant, free from foreign and rancid smells, and its taste is slightly salty, soft, unctuous and with a certain intensity.
Technical data (2014)
  • Livestock farms: 191
  • Industries: 12
  • Production: 8,247 kilos
  • Economic Value: 56,080 EUR