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St. James’s cake

The Protected Geographical Indication Tarta de Santiago (St James´s cake) covers a traditional Galician sweet Santiago tart sweet traditional Galician, whose basic components consist of ground almonds (at least 33% of the total weight of the mass), sugar (33%) and eggs (25% of total weight) used according to the conditions of the internal terms of the rules of procedure. 

The cake can be made with or without a base, which can be either puff pastry or shortcrust pastry and made of wheat flour, butter, refined sugar, egg, milk and salt. The base should not exceed 25% of the total weight.

Tarta de Santiago may come in different sizes and it is round and the top of the cake is covered with powdered sugar masked with an imprint of the Cross of the Order of St James which gives the pastry its name. When cut, it has a golden colour, flavoured with almond and a spongy, granulated texture.

The area of manufacture of the product covered by the PGI Santiago cake extends itself throughout the territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

Technical data (2014)
  • Producers: 13
  • Certified Production: 46.3 tons
  • Estimated economic value: 556,741 euros