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Beans from Lourenzá

The Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) Faba de Lourenzá (Beans from Lourenzá) covers dry beans separated from its pod, which are members of the legume family Fabaceae or legume species Phaseolus vulgaris, L, of the local variety known as Faba Galaica. (galician bean). 

They come from either certified controlled seeds reused seeds of the farm itself or seeds from other registered plantations in the records of the inspection body. Its use is for human consumption. Beans must be flawless, complete, clean and free of  any external imperfections or odd smell or flavour.

The bean production area covered by the protected geographical indication faba Lourenzá is the coastal territory of the province of Lugo, comprising the regions of Western Mariña, A Mariña Central and A Mariña Oriental, which includes the municipalities of Alfoz, Barreiros, Burela, Cervo, Foz, Lourenzá, Mondonedo, Ourol, A Pontenova, Ribadeo, Trabada, Valadouro O, O Vicedo, Viveiro and Xove. The production area coincides with the one of packaging.


The beans covered by this geographical indication are kidney-shaped, long, half full; of a white uniform colour; very large size (80-120 g / 100 seeds); humidity 14-17%; low proportion of seed coat, between 8 and 10%; high water absorption capacity, more than 100%, and exceptional performance during cooking time. It stands out the mellowness of the pulp, free of lumps and hardly differentiated from its coat.

Technical data (2014)
  • Production: 10,677 kilos
  • Producers: 42
  • Packers: 8
  • Planting area: 43'5 hectares
  • Economic Value: 96,093 EUR