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Chesnut from Galicia

 Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Casta√Īa de Galicia (Chestnut from Galicia) certifies the fruits obtained from the Galician native crops of the European chestnut (Castanea sativa, Mill.) intended for human consumption and sold either fresh or frozen.

Chestnuts covered by this PGI must be grown and processed, as established in its legislation, within the territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

From an administrative point of view, its growing and harvesting area comprises:

  • A Coruna: Terra of Melide and Arz√ļa municipalities and Boimorto.
  • Lugo: the whole province, except for the municipalities of O Vicedo, Viveiro, Xove, Cervo, Burela, Foz, Barreiros and Ribadeo.
  • Ourense: the whole province of Ourense.
  • Pontevedra: the regions of Deza and Tabeir√≥s-Terra de Montes and the municipalities of Cotobade, A Lama, Campo Lameiro and Cuntis.

The defined production area are has optimum rainfall, temperature,  contour map and soil for the growing of high quality chestnuts.

  • Thin, light and bright brown pericarp.
  • Episperm (membrane) which slightly penetrates into the seed and is easily removed when peeling the chestnuts.
  • Sweet flavour and firm yet not mealy texture.
  • Humidity: Once harvested, the fruit will have between 50 and 60% humidity.
Technical data (2014) 
  • Registered area: 639  hectares
  • Production: 124
  • Industries: 16
  • Production: 134.4 tons
  • Economic value: 249,633 euros