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Galician Veal

The Protected Geographical Indication Galician Veal certifies products obtained from Rubia gallega cattle, morenas do noroeste breed, crossbreeds between them and certain crossbreeds with other varieties. Cattle are raised on farms controlled by the Regulatory Council.

Livestock feeding respects traditional customary usage of pasture in Galicia, according to typical peculiarities that have marked the Galician meat production for centuries and which are linked to cultural and sociological factors.

They are supplementary fed with products such as corn, potatoes, turnips, dry or fresh forage and concentrates based on grains authorised by the Regulatory Board.

Products that may interfere with the normal growth and development of animals and animal-derived recycled products are specifically prohibited. The PGI Ternera Gallega (Galician Veal) protects fresh beef from animals born, raised and slaughtered inGalicia.


It is a very tender meat that keeps a balance between fat and muscle content, with great richness and soft texture. The muscle is fine grained and firm and its colour goes from light pink to light red.

The categories based on the age of the slaughtered animals are:

  • Veal: Animal slaughtered when they are less than months old. Within this category there are:

    • Ternera Gallega Suprema (Supreme Galician Veal) : They are animals accompanying their mother cows. The feeding of these calves is based fundamentally on breast-feeding and are not weaned off until slaughter.
    • Galician Veal: Animals that are weaned off at different ages.
  • Yearling Galician Veal: Animals destined for slaughter between 10 and 18 months old.
Technical data (2014)
  • Livestock farms: 7,670
  • Industries: 82
  • Meat Production: 18,635 tons
  • Economic value: 100.8 million euros