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Honey from Galicia

The Protected Geographical Indication Miel de Galicia (Honey from Galicia)  covers the honey obtained from the Galician beekeeping, which comes from moveable beehives and is obtained by decanting or centrifugation. This honey is presented to the consumer in liquid or solid (crystallized or creamy) state and retaining all its natural properties. 

The area of production, processing and packaging of the honey protected by the PGI Miel de Galicia covers the whole of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. 

According to its botanical origin, the honey from Galicia can be classified as follows: 

Multifloral honey possesses from light to dark colours. The flavour varies depending on the degree of persistence and intensity of the prevailing blooming and always have floral or fruity overtones.

Single-flower Chesnut honey: It is dark amber, may have reddish tones. They are generally liquid honeys, very delayed crystallization process, malting intense and persistent smell and with light salty notes.

Single-flower Eucalyptus honey: amber, waxy aromas and taste light acidic taste and slightly persistent.

Single-flower Bush Honey: amber to dark amber, strongly fruity flavour, particularly sweet and fruity aroma.

Technical data (2014)
  • Marketed production: 297.8 tonnes
  • Beekeepers: 313
  • Packers: 37
  • Economic value: 2.08 million euros