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Organic Farming from Galicia

Organic farming is a system of food production, based on the respect for the environment, animal welfare and the preservation and improvement of soil fertility. The agricultural practices used prevent or exclude almost all synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

To maintain production, other techniques are used, such as rotation and companion planting, use of green manure, biological pest control and increasing biodiversity through the establishment of hedgerows and maintenance of vegetation within plots.

This designation covers all primary production, processing and food transformation, so that the possible presentation of these products are all those normally given to any food product.

The Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture in Galicia (Craega) exercises control over the entire territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. It protects all non-processed plant and animal agricultural products, the agricultural crop and livestock intended for human consumption and food, compound feed and raw materials for animal feeding. 

These products have the highest nutritional, health and organoleptic quality, whilst maintaining its nutritional properties and maturity for longer.

Technical data (2014)
  • Producers: 525
  • Processors: 108
  • Registered area: 15.670 hectares
  • Economic value: 31.22 million euros