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Pepper from Oímbra

Oímbra Pemento (Pepper from Oímbra) Protected Geographical Indication covers peppers from Capsicum annuum L. species, traditionally grown in the production area and which come from the plots registered in the registry managed by the PGI’ regulatory body. It is intended for human consumption and marketed fresh.

The fruits are harvested green (in an intermediate unripe state) for marketing them fresh. They can also be harvested ripe (red), to be processed into preserved roasted peppers, but only the former are certified by the IGP.

Pepper from Oímbra has a regular elongated shape, with one quarter and three or four ribs and without significant ridges; weighing between 100 and 200 grams / unit and a length of between 10 and 20 cm. Its apex is pointy or rounded; and has smooth and shiny, light green skin with almost yellow shades. It has sweet flavour, it is not hot as it lacks capsaicin, and has medium intensity and smell.

Geographical scope

The Pemento Oímbra PGI ‘ production area covers the entire region of Verin in Ourense, comprising the municipalities of Oímbra, Verin, Castrelo do Val, Monterrei, Cualedro, Laza, rivers and Vilardevós.