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Queixo Tetilla

The PDO Queixo Tetilla protects the cheese made from cow's milk from the Galician, Friesian and brown Alpine blonde breeds. The milk for processing should be natural and totally from healthy milking cows that do not contain colostrum, medicinal products or preservatives.

Both the production area of the milk and the manufacturing of Queixo Tetilla cover the entire territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. The pieces weight between 0.5 and 1.5 kg.


The cheese covered by the PDO Tetilla Cheese is characterized by conical or conical-convex shape; it has an appreciable and elastic fine crust, of less than 3 mm thick. Its colour is straw, natural yellow and without molds. The pulp is soft, creamy and smooth, with few eyes evenly distributed which are white-ivory, yellow.

Its aroma, gentle and slightly acid, recalls the raw material, as well as its dairy flavour, butter, slightly acidic and lightly salty. The minimum maturing period is seven days after being removed from the brine.

Technical data (2014) 
  • Livestock holdings: 2,188
  • Cheese Factories: 36
  • Production: 1,392 tons
  • Economic estimated Value: 8.6 million euros