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San SimĂłn da Costa

The PDO San Simon da Costa protects the cheese made from cowÂŽs milk, from the Galician blond, brown Alpine, Friesian breeds and their crosses.

The San Simon da Costa cheese is marketed with a minimum maturity of 45 days, in the case of the format of 0.8 to 1.5 kg, and 30 days for the small format or "buffoon" (0.4 to 0, 8 kg). At the end of maturation it is smoked with birch wood.

The area of production of both milk and cheese is located in the province of Lugo and it comprises the region of A Terra ChĂĄ, (AbadĂ­n, A Pastoriza, Begonte, Castro de Rei, Cospeito, Guitiriz, Muras, Vilalba and Xermade).


The shape of the cheese PDO San Simon da Costa is between a spinning top and a bullet. Its yellow-ocher smoked rind is somewhat greasy, hard and rigid 1 to 3 mm thick.

The paste has a fine, fat, semi-hard, semi-elastic and contracted texture, white to yellow, soft to cut, aroma and flavor, and with a not very high number of eyes that are rounded or irregular. Its fat content in the dry layer is higher than 45% and lower than 60%.

Technical data (2014)
  • Livestock holdings: 101
  • Cheese Factories 11
  • Production: 363 tons
  • Economic estimated value: 2.5 million euros