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Winemaking in Galicia dates back to Roman times and has a long tradition in the regions bathed by the Sil and Miño rivers or in the Rias Baixas Area. Wine production was first supported in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century, by making a firm commitment to high standards and the promotion of quality controls through specific designations of origin.

There are currently almost 10,000 hectares in Galicia devoted to wine-making production, controlled by six protected Certifications of origin which produce nearly 50,000 tons of grapes. Together, they are registered about 450 wineries and almost 16,400 grape growers registered in Galicia 

There are different grape varieties, such as, Mencia, Merenzao, Tempranillo, Caíño, Espadeiro Loureiro, Sousón, Ferrón, Brancellao, Garnacha or Negreda used for red wines; and such as Dona Branca, Godello, Treixadura, Loureiro, Albariño, Caiño, Torrontés, Palomino, Macabeo, Lado or Albilla, used for white wine.

Protected Designations of origin in Galicia