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The regulations for the use of the brand Galicia Quality, passed by the Board of Directors, provides for the conditions to be entitled to use the graphic symbol that guarantees the quality of the products and services that are obtained, processed or transformed in Galicia. The public entity Galicia Calidade S.A.U. is the owner of the brand as it is so recorded in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office , and is responsible for its management and administration.

Only people authorised by the managing company Calidade Galicia S.A.U. , can use the seal as certification brand, once the requirements set forth in the Regulation have been fulfilled:

  • Application with the data of the product requesting protection and information on quality systems, infrastructure and control measures to ensure the quality of those products.
  • Implementation of a quality system that meets the requirements provided by Galicia Quality.
  • Granting authorization once it has been ascertained that the requirements of the Regulation are met and that the applicant accepts the conditions for using it.

Galicia Quality seal may only be used incidentally and never as the main brand placing the user’s brand. Its size cannot be equal to or bigger than that of the certified product, nor be placed in a prominent place which may lead to confusion. All or part of THE rights of use of the certification brand may not be assigned.

Monitoring  measures

Products to which the certification brand apply must be subject to external control by Galicia Quality, which can be made previously, during the process of granting the mark or after the authorization, without setting prior notice.  These monitoring measures may affect the products or their quality management systems.

Furthermore, companies or people authorised to use the Galicia Quality seal must retain samples of the certified products and send them to the control bodies and grant the staff of the managing body, access to its premises. The establishment of an internal quality management system is also required.

Regulations governing use of the quality mark Galicia Quality