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Decree 202/2010, of November 25, states that Calidade Galicia S.A.U. is a public limited company, with its whole share capital being of public ownership which has among its goals and objectives the management of the Brand Galicia Quality. Specifically, it shall:

  • Grant licences, exercising effective control measures concerning the nature, quality and characteristics of products certified with the seal Galicia Calidade.
  • Manage the brand Comercio Rural Galego (Galician rural Trade).
  • Manage any other brand related to the quality of Galician products and services which may be entrusted thereto.

The company is considered an instrument and a technical service by the Administration of the Community of Galicia and its autonomous bodies.

The Board of Directors is chaired by the person holding the post of General Director of the regional Department in charge of Commerce.

Rules of the public company Galicia Calidade S.A.U.