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Certificates of origin

Xunta de Galicia (the Autonomous Government) has always sought to encourage and protect agri-food products, promoting the start-up of differentiated quality labels such as protected designations of origin, geographical indications and other types of protection of the quality required by European regulations.

Act 2/2005, of February 18th come into force in 2005, to promote and defend Galician food quality, which regulates and supports food safety and establishes the obligations of operators to ensure the quality and traceability of products. It also encourages that quality of food produced and marketed in the territory of the autonomous region is achieved in a system of fair competition.

The Galician Food Quality Institute (Ingacal) was created to monitor the promotion and protection of the quality of the products covered by the different geographical designations or other different types of protection for a differentiated quality.

There are over 33 quality seals of origin currently in Galicia that guarantee consumers that the certified products come from Galicia or have been processed using traditional methods and that their quality is backed up by external check-ups undertaken by the appropriate Regulatory Councils.

The Galician Government approved the transformation of the brand “Galicia Quality” into the global brand image of the Galician economy in July 2014, so that the seals of certification of origin are integrated into this umbrella brand by means of an application for membership of each of the products already certified by the respective Regulatory Councils.

The main certified sectors are: