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Galicia Quality

Galicia Quality (Galicia Calidade) is the quality mark that certifies the level of excellence of the products and / or services which deserve this distinction, because of they have been processed them in Galicia or due to their Galician raw material or design, once this has been so proven by the controls provided.

Products or services certified by the brand Galicia Quality fulfil the requirements laid down by its internal regulations and have been certified by its own audits that guarantee the quality, origin and design to consumers and users.

Since its incorporation (1995), the seal has become a trusted reference for consumers . It also identifies the origin of the products, the talent and creativity with which they have been produced in Galicia as well as the commitment to quality that allows them to excel in the most competitive markets.

Galicia Quality certifies a wide range of products, in the food sector, in fishing, handicrafts, jewelry, tourism and biomass, among others. It also includes products covered by the seals certifying their origin and designations of origin, protected geographical indications, etc.

The certification of products with the seal Galicia Quality is also part of the strategy of the Xunta de Galicia (the Autonomous Government) to promote products and services of the companies of this region in the international markets, ensuring quality and origin , which contributes to a higher added value.