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A Christmas with Galicia Calidade is sustainable

At Christmas, we are also sustainable. In times of high consumption, we can't neglect our commitment to our environment, our companies and the protection of the environment.

We want to encourage you to consume local products, grown and produced in our Community, with certified quality and sustainable practices.

Together, we can stop climate change.


The wooden box is made from pine grown in Galician forests, subject to the criteria of Sustainable Forest Management, protected by the Pino de Galicia brand.

Manuela is a forester in Z√°s. She grows wood in the forests, maintaining biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacity, guaranteeing ecological, economic and social functions.
David has a carpentry workshop in A Estrada, TEC-MODEL, where he designs and manufactures consumer goods in pine wood with a reduced carbon footprint, recyclable and reusable.
This wooden box has an endless life cycle, it can be reused and recycled in an unlimited way. Before it fills your home with warmth, it can be a bottle rack or the imaginary house of the little ones. And you, how are you going to reuse this box?


Galicia Calidade companies develop initiatives to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) showing a clear vocation of commitment to sustainability.

Discover the initiatives they are implementing:

Initiative promoted by Galicia Calidade and XERA in collaboration with Pino de Galicia to spread sustainable consumption habits in line with the European Green Pact promoted by the European Commission. Thanks to the companies and institutions for their participation.

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