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Jamones González
R├║a Estaci├│n, n┬║ 20 - Laxosa
27393 - O Corgo (Lugo)
Tlfno: +34 982 300 900
Fax: +34 982 300 010

Jamones González is a company that began its activity in 1923. Since then it has been growing faithful to the tradition passed from generation to generation to achieve products with the highest quality and differentiation, representative of a culinary culture rooted in tradition.

The company is located in an area close to Sierra de Os Ancares, a gateway to Galicia in the Camino de Santiago. Because of its geographical location, this region has optimal weather conditions for the production of cured meat products.

For more control over the raw material used in making process of the products and ensure maximum control from the beginning, Jamones Gonzalez has its own farm where breeding pigs of the Duroc breed. The genetic of these pigs ensures a raw material that has all the characteristics necessary to obtain products with the desired organoleptic properties.

Jamones Gonzalez farm is registered under the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographic Indication Lac├│n Gallego, ensuring the greatest control over the nutrients feeding the animals and respect for quality.


The company participates in a CDTI project to produce products without additives, as well as in another project to make reduced-salt products with the aim of making its products nutritionally adequate. It promotes the reduction of plastic packaging and uses natural fibers such as jute in some of its bags. For 10 years, it has supplied hot water to the factory with renewable energy from photovoltaic panels. It also relies on a pellet boiler to meet its heating and hot water needs. 

It offers a line of ecological products. It promotes a policy of minimal food waste and selects raw materials from nearby producers.