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Restaurante España
Rúa do Teatro, 10
270001 - Lugo 
Phone: +34 982 242 717
The brothers Hector and Francisco López took over the generational change of the Restaurante España, left by their father and with an accredited traditional Lugo cuisine. However, they have made a measured renovation that combines the orthodox inheritance with the “aggiornamento” of a rural pantry.

The change in style coincided with a reform in the equipment of the restaurant, which brought an air of modernity to a place that has more than half a century. Moreover, the new period involves projects committed to quality, such as raising cattle, whose meat allows producing up to 10 different dishes of the menu.

Since 2014 it has the Q Mark for Tourist Quality, as well as appearing as recommended restaurant by the Michelin Guide and one ‘Sol’ from the Repsol Guide. The chef Hector Lopez is part of the ‘Nove’ Group, which brings together chefs who promote the modernization and renovation of Galician cuisine.