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C/ Parroquia de Rois, Parcela B31 Nave 1
15165 - Poligono de Bergondo, A Coruña
Tel.- 881 980219

Ardentia is a make of handcraft, which has been working in the design and manufacture of silver jewelry collections for 25 years. Words such as quality, innovation or know-how are equal parts in our company’s main values. It has as its main target the making of objects of personal adornment which stands out from others by their differentiating characteristics.

Its staff carries out the whole process of product design and manufacture for which they are regularly trained in new techniques and technology available in this sector. The company is also engaged in the internationalization of its business, taking part in the principal international exhibitions of the sector.

By means of our work we seek to become a referral company within its sector, offering its customers all the values with which they make their pieces.  It also has a guaranteed after-sales service which provides support and service to customers, regardless the time that has elapsed since the sale of the item.