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Conservas A Rosaleira 
Calle Cumieira nº10
36770 - O Rosal (Pontevedra)
Tlfno: +34  986 625 015 

A Rosaleira’s history begins at the end of the Thirties.  Founded under the name “Tinned vegetables Jose Sanchez García” A Rosaleira was, for many years, the only tinned vegetable plant in Galicia.  In the beginning the production focused on tinned tomatoes and mixed fried vegetables, and also on Mirabels.

In the year 1967 they decided to produce broccoli raab tops.  Since its foundation, the brand stuck to its idea of preserving fruit and vegetables in the most natural way.  The arrival of Terras Gauda to our company guarantees continuity in doing things properly, which has characterized us over so many years.

Our products

One of Rosaleira’s most appreciated values is our way of producing tinned vegetables.  Since 1940 it has worked with the best raw materials, water and sea salt,  producing what are one of the best tinned vegetables on the market. Only natural ingredients are used, without either additives or preservatives. Broccoli raab tops are selected, hand-washed, choosing the most tender part and keeping its natural qualities. It is covered by the Protected Geographical Indication Grelos de Galicia (Galician broccoli raab tops).