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Custom Drinks 
Polígono Industrial Os Acibros- Parcela C1
27500 - Chantada (Lugo)
Tlfno.: +34 982 441 392
Fax.: +34 982 462 280

The company, situated in Chantada, follows a careful production process of its cider. From the selection of the best cider apples from the area, to the appropriate transport by flotation until they reach the manufacturing area, where they are washed, selected and processed in climate-controlled wineries by a natural decanting process which results in the best cider. 

Customdrinks is covered by the Regulating Board of Organic Agriculture in Galicia, for producing, from organically produced apples, natural cider, cider and cider-vinegar. Customdrinks sells its products under the brand names Manzanova, for ciders and vinegar, and Quenza, for its pomace brandy and liquor.