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Pontemaceira S/N 
15864 - Ames (A Coruña)
Tlfno: +34 981 885 125

Feiraco was founded in 1969 with the aim of contributing to cattle and stock-breeding development in an inland depressed area of Galicia.  In the beginning, four hundred members began the activity, with an initial share capital of 2400€, buying together the cereal needed to feed the cattle.  Today it has 7500 members belonging to 30 villages near the main premises of the cooperative situated in Pontemaceira, Ames.

Its main activity focuses on collecting, packaging and selling milk in its classical varieties (whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk), Unicla milk, and lactose-free milk, milk-shake, cream, yoghurt fermented after pasteurization, cheese… Other activities of great importance are the production of fodder and fertilizers.

To the main activities, one must add all the areas which are to the advantage of the members, such as fuel, company store, cogeneration, technical advice services on nutrition and reproduction, tax, labour and insurance consultancy…

Value added

Today Feiraco focuses on the target of creating value for its members, as being a cooperative member only makes sense when added value returns to the member via payment from the market higher than the cost of its production, and via offering various services.