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Gallego Pereira Frigoríficas
C/ Allo, s/n - Ponte do Porto
15121 - Camariñas (A Coruña)
Tlfo: +34 981730173
Fax: +34 981705002

Gallego Pereira is a company engaged, for more than two decades, in the freezing and commercialization of octopus from the Galician Bays.  Situated in Ponte do Porto (Camariñas, A Coruña), it buys fresh octopus in the fish-markets in Galicia, caught by commercial fishing in the Northern Atlantic (Area FAO-27) and transports it to the warehouse in its own refrigerated lorries.

Gallego Pereira continues to seek new ways to offer octopus to consumers. Besides selling it in frozen bags, they also sell it boiled, vacuum packed in clay pots. All the octopus marketed goes through a thorough process control and preparation.