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Kiwi Atl√°ntico
Portaris - Lois, s/n
36635 - Ribadumia (Pontevedra)
Tlf. +34 986 715 286
Fax. +34 986 715 042

Atlantic Kiwi was founded in 1988 as a result of the union of 30 kiwifruit producers of Galicia and Asturias with the clear aim of achieving higher returns for its partners. It currently has over 70 members and 20 partners’ producers with vineyards of various sizes.

It is a partnership formed only by producers with deep roots in agriculture, guaranteed by the long tradition in the North of Spain in the complementary family level agrarian economies. This joining of forces and ideas when it comes to cultivating has allowed joint commercialization, uniform and committed to grow fruit of the highest quality.

The production zones give specific characteristics of this fruit that, due to the acidity of the soil and abundance of water, as well as the lack of frost in autumn, results in a fruit with an ideal level of sugar for consumption. It has long bittersweet and characteristic fruity flavour that is unique among other fruit producer areas in Europe.

Sales are made from own productions, with technical advice that standardizes production criteria. These productions are carried out without using any pesticides. The activities developed by Kiwi Atl√°ntico are reception, storage, sorting, packing and shipping of the kiwifruit.