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Lacteos Anzuxao 
Madriñan, 2 
36512 - LalĂ­n (Pontevedra)
Tel: +34 986 794 135
Fax: +34 986 794 143
Pazo de Anzuxao began manufacturing tetilla cheese made from the milk produced in the fields of their manor house in the mid-70s. Over the years, the factory has gained a reputation for the quality and taste of its products, and has gradually expanded without leaving tradition aside.

Pazo de Anzuxao uses pasteurized milk from cows of producers registered in the county of Lalin, to ensure the quality of the cheese. During its production, the milk is rigurously tested in both official laboratories and in those in their own premises. 

Anzuxao cheese is characterized by its milky, buttery taste and slightly acidic flavour. The aroma of milk can be easily recognised due to its mild smell. Rinds are mostly thin and elastic, and their tonality varies depending on the type of cheese. At present, among other types, they make cheese covered by the D.O.P Queso Tetilla and the D.O.P. ArzĂșa Ulloa.