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Patatas Conde
Crta. Nacional 525 Km 200- Apto. de correos 32
32630 - Xinzo de Limia (Ourense)
Tlfno.: 988 462 477
Fax: 988 462 402

Conde Potatoes was incorporated at the beginning of the 70s. in a small warehouse in Ourense, used for the purpose of delivering and distributing potatoes all over the town.  In the 80s, the company enlarged its activity to wholesale, moving to the production area of Xinzo de Limia ‚ÄďOurense, and began marketing its product all over Spain and abroad. 

At present, Conde Potatoes acts on three broad fronts, demanded by the market, by selling commercializing:

The company is eager to grow and improve itself, therefore at present it is working on a project to embrace new product packaging trends and new commercial horizons, and also the enlargement of its premises and machinery.