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Puerto de Celeiro
Muelle Celeiro, s/n -Celeiro
27863- Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlfno.: +34 982 551 491
Fax: +34 982 551 493

Puerto de Celeiro Group, since its inception in 1994, has shaped a more complex project based on an integral concept of fishing activities. Since then, the company incorporated by all shipowners operating from Celeiro for managing the port, has become a booming business group that has grown in two directions: rendering services to fishing enterprises and diversification inherent in a global perspective of fishing.

Celeiro is the base of operations of a hundred fishing vessels, either longlines, gillnet and trawling vessels in EU waters; coastal trawlers and purse seiners and inshore fishing vessels.

Download volume now exceeds 15,500 tons per year, with a first-sale value of around 42 million euros.

Line-caught hake, longline caught, is not only the main species sold in this market, but it also remains as the best product on the market identified with the characteristic quality of the fleet of Celeiro.