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Queixería Casleiras
S.L. Cabanas, s/n - Oleiros
27812 - Vilalba (Lugo)
Tlfno: 650 045 380
Fax: 982 527 222 

Queixería Casleiras was created in 2006, from the combination of tradition and technology to join the ancient wisdom together with the current parameters of quality and control requested by the most demanding consumer.

Queixería Casleiras is integrated into the PDO San Simon da Costa, according to the commitment of the company to manufacture high quality products that respect the natural environment from which it comes from at every single stage of its development

To this end, the company counts with extensive facilities that allow this type of cheese to mature for a period of time twice as long as the minimum recommended by the Regulatory Council, and subject to the most strict controls, from the selection of raw materials to the final process, without ignoring the management and waste minimization.

All this commitment was acknowledged, in their first year of operation, by the Tasting Competition for Best Cheese of Spain V Gourmetquesos in the 2007 edition, in the category of mature cow milk cheese.

In 2012 and 2014 they received the gold and bronze award at the World Cheese Awards contest. Casleiras has managed to go from being a small family project to be present in markets as diverse as Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, UAE, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Russia.