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Galicia calidade co-operates with the barman Oscar de Toro  in his project #Oscarontheway in which he will travel along the Saint Jacques Way

The aim of this iniciative is to claim the Way as a meeting point, a place for reflection and solidarity.

The barman from Santiago de Compostela, Oscar de Toro, in collaboration with Galicia Calidade will  begin his tour along the Galician stretches of the Way of St. James next Sunday, 19 July. This initiative, called #OscarOnTheWay  aims to reclaim the Way as a place for reflection and a meeting point and is an act of solidarity" with hikers, to whom we want to thank their effort and make them feel the spirit and hospitality of the Galician people.

Beside the hardship, The Way, is also an opportunity to enjoy the good times, because of the unique landscape, fellow pilgrims and the products that can be found along the way. Which is mainly what # OscarOnTheWay initiative is based upon: make these products known and highlight them.  During the stages Oscar de Toro will make companies from the Galician primary sector known as a distinctive element.


Therefore, this initiative is a proof of the collaboration and cooperation of the Galician business network with one of the great events in the Galician History: the Way.

The cooperation of many Galician companies was sought and achieved. Likewise many bodies and institutions, such as Galicia Calidade, are also taking part in this event.


Oscar de Toro's tour will begin in O Cebreiro next Sunday, 19 July and will end on 25 July (Saint James's Day) in the Praza do Obradoiro.  Pilgrims and social networks will play a key role in this initiative.  Anything that may happen during this seven day- trip will be communicated and posted on internet.


In fact this is a new and original aspect of this initiative, as it goes one step beyond the so lately repeated concept of "blogtrip" For this purpose a storytelling is created and it is made "social" by using an innovative formula which comprises, among many other, the diffusion 2.0 with live connections and with a 90% video format. In each of the stages of the trip, two live connections will be made through YouTube from landmarks and important and representative places along the Way.

Also along each of the days of the trip several graphic pieces will show the interaction of Oscar de Toro with pilgrims while presenting the products from companies taking part in the project. The monitoring of actions can be made from 2.0 channels of Galicia Calidade (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) and from there they can be shared with the other people who will go together with the protagonist of the initiative.  Interactivity through Twitter and Facebook will be complete at all times additionally two competitions, one of photography of the Way, launched through Instagram and the other available through Facebook where the prize is a jewel connected with the Way.


The list of companies and associates is as follows:

• Galicia Calidade

• GoldCar

• Tee Travel

• Eroski

• Estrella Galicia

• Cabreiroá

• Cafés Candelas

• Ingapan

• Aceites Abril

• Aguas de Mondariz

• Ardentia

• Aira do Camino. Comercio Rural Galego

• Casa Calzada. Comercio Rural Galego

• Hotel Spa Augusta (Sanxenxo)

• Hotel Louxo ( A Toxa)

• Feiraco

• Coren

• Gafas Carrussel

• Bodegas A Coroa

• Pazo de Vilane

• Kiwi Atlántico

• Bodegas Quinta de Buble

• Avícola de Galicia

• Conservas Luis Escurís Batalla

• Adega Os Eidos

• Quesos Cas Leiras

• A Pementeira

• Bodegas Nairoa

• Pulpo Gallego Pereira

• Bodegas Vilarvín

• Lacteos Anzuxao

• Bodeguilla de San Lázaro