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Mr. Conde announces that Galicia Calidade will certify the origin and quality of pellets and wood chips produced from galician forest biomass

The Autonomous Minister of Economy and Industry opens the Forum of Biomass of Galicia as a "fluid and permanent line for dialogue" for further development of the Comprehensive Strategy to Promote Biomass

The Autonomous Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, has announced today at the opening ceremony of the Forum of Biomass of Galicia that Galicia Calidade will certify the origin and quality of pellets and wood chips produced from the Galician forest biomass. Thus, thanks to the collaboration of CIS-Madera, he emphasized, the Community will have one label to ensure traceability and the quality of this fuel made in Galicia.

"Thus, we not only included the Galician biomass in the catalogue of outstanding products, but it ensureS that individuals, companies and institutions employ resources from the Galician mountains, which are processed responsibly, and with the best quality and heat output", the Autonomous Minister insisted and stressed that the seal will enhance Galician products positioning facing an increasing demand.

Mr. Conde explained that the creation of this seal falls within the context of the Comprehensive Strategy to Promote Forest Biomass which is being promoted by the Galician Government, which had foreseen the establishment of the Biomass Forum as an "open and inclusive" resource where to enhance cooperation and identify new business opportunities, innovation and technological development.

"The Forum we are launching today opens a fluid and permanent line for dialogue that will allow us to continue walking together on improving the competitiveness of this industry," the Minister deepened and stressed the importance of unmasked promotion of public-private cooperation to ensure the development of the Strategy.

This strategy aims to "set an industry generating wealth with new growth opportunities," Mr. Conde said. In this regard, he stressed the commitment of both the industry and the authorities for an industry that spans the entire value chain of the product, which creates jobs in rural areas, and is in line with the objectives of the Strategy Specialization intelligent, RIS3, and the Industrial Competitiveness Agenda Galician Galicia - Industry 4.0.

In developing this Strategy, Mr. Conde said, Ourense is called to occupy a prominent place, therefore the importance of forest resources, and the different initiatives from the Technology Park of Galicia and the rest of the business network being promoted.

Increasing demand

At this stage, the Minister of Economy and Industry highlighted the Resolution on economic grants for the implementation of biomass boilers. A program that is helping to achieve greater demand for fuel, driving in 2014 the installation of about 400 new boilers at Galician homes, 120 teams in companies, and another 80 between municipalities and regional public administration.

"In this way, we contribute to rise the demand with increased implementation of boilers, which represent a major market for pellets and wood chips, and a greater opportunity to further develop innovative projects to improve boilers and processes," he said. Thus, given the good reception of the economic grants` line, Mr. Conde said, the Regional Government will maintain the budgetary commitment to a new resolution in 2015 that will allocate 9.3 million to further promote the installation of biomass.

"This increased demand should occur from the hand of a clear commitment to innovation," the Minister said, stressing cooperation in this field to promote the CIS Madera new projects that increase the innovative capacity of this industry; the effort of the Ministry of Rural and Marine Affairs, which is supporting sustainable forest management with improved lines of logging; and the personal commitment of the Ministry Economy and Industry.

Thus, Mr. Conde said, once again the calls for grants from IGAPE and the Galician Innovation Agency will prioritize those projects that deal with biomass. A commitment that has allowed to promote various projects mobilizing more than 20 million euros.