Galicia Calidade promotes knowledge of Galician dairy products among youngsters


Galicia Calidade
CEIP Plurilingüe dos Tilos

The manager of Galicia Calidade, Ana Méndez, participated today in the CEIP Plurilingüe dos Tilos in the presentation of a new campaign to promote knowledge of dairy products among young people. Ana Méndez stressed that with this proposal, "the aim is to bring the industry and the importance of the dairy sector closer to the younger generations".  

With the help of the cheese sommelier Salomé Beiroa, the initiative will soon reach schools in the municipalities of Teo, Oroso and A Estrada. It will allow children to learn the differences between raw and pasteurised milk or between fresh and cured cheese, or the different designations of origin that Galicia has in this area (San Simón da Costa, Cebreiro, Arzúa-Ulloa and Tetilla).

The children will be able to interact with the products of the dairy companies with the Galicia Calidade label, such as Feiraco, Innolact (Quescrem), Larsa, Leyma Natura, Río de Galicia, Pazo de Anzuxao, Pazo do Queixo, Queixería Barral, Queixería Casleiras, Queixería Daniberto, Queixería Santo André and Quesos Feijoo. Also collaborating in this initiative Galifresh, with its range of fruit purées, with the Galicia Calidade guarantee seal.

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