Rueda highlights the dairy sector as one of the driving forces of the Galician rural economy and the driving force behind the Galicia Quality seal outside the region


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Visita Lence

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, highlighted the dairy sector as one of the engines of the Galician rural economy and thanked its contribution to spreading the Galicia Quality brand outside the community. "We have companies to boast about, which represent us and which are becoming more and more powerful in a world that is becoming more and more difficult because of how competitive it is," he said.

During a visit to one of the centres belonging to the Lence Group in Lugo, the head of the regional government recalled that Galicia is a "dairy power" as more than 40% of the milk produced in Spain originates from a Galician farm and that it is the community in which production has increased the most in the last five years.

"It is essential that companies such as those that make up this group continue to operate because they move our countryside, which must be modernised, we must face all the challenges, all the challenges, all the dangers that exist right now. We have to maintain all the activity of a rural area such as Galicia's, which cannot falter under any circumstances," he said.

In this sense, the head of the regional government pledged the support of the Xunta in favour of this sector, to which it allocates 100 million euros each year as a whole and which has specific measures for farmers such as Contaláctea - a digital tool to improve the management of farms - or direct aid to promote investment in farms or to encourage generational change.

Lence Group, a benchmark

Alfonso Rueda highlighted the contribution of companies such as Grupo Lence to building a strong and powerful Galicia that is committed to growth and expansion without renouncing its origins. In this case, the president thanked the management of this family company for the fact that all the milk it collects and transforms comes from Galician farms, which helps to generate wealth and employment in the Galician countryside.

"If our countryside continues to have job opportunities and the capacity to respond to an increasingly demanding demand, this also means that Galicia has a future," he said.

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