Galicia Calidade now certifies the products of the Silleda company Avipor


Galicia Calidade
Entrega certificado Avipor Silleda

The manager of Galicia Calidade, Ana Méndez, visited today the facilities of the company Avipor Silleda to deliver the certificate of use of the guarantee mark of the Xunta de Galicia, which will allow it to use it in the different actions for its commercial promotion, as well as to include the new signposting in its façade.

At this meeting, the head of Galicia Calidade, a body dependent on the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation, explained that possession of the guarantee seal will allow the company to add the logo to its products. In this sense, Ana Méndez highlighted the "commitment to provide a quality service to the consumer from start to finish", and always under a control and management marked by the experience gained over the years.

Avipor Silleda is a family business with more than 55 years of experience and a track record specialising in the pig and poultry sectors. In the case of the poultry sector, it specialises in the marketing of free-range eggs.

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