Galicia Calidade certifies Legufrut Agro products with its seal of guarantee


Galicia Calidade
Legufrut Agro

The manager of Galicia Calidade, Ana Méndez, today presented the management team of the company Legufrut Agro with the certification accrediting the possession of the Galicia Calidade guarantee seal, during a meeting held at its facilities in San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense).

In this way, Galicia Calidade, an organisation dependent on the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation, allows Legufrut Agro to add the seal of guarantee of the Xunta de Galicia to the different actions for its commercial promotion, as well as including the new signage on its façade.

Legufrut Agro is a company specialising in the production, reception, selection, classification, packaging, labelling, storage and distribution of fruit and vegetables. The company offers farmers the possibility of diversifying their farms by producing quality market garden produce, receiving advice and monitoring their production from the precise moment of planting to the delivery of the product and with excellent marketing security.

At this meeting, the manager of Galicia Calidade emphasised the "commitment to local agriculture, with a commitment to authentic, high quality Galician produce", which makes the company a benchmark in the sector and means that some of its products are marketed under Galicia Calidade certification.

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